Two and a half weeks until the parliamentary election, which of course – like everything – is under the sign of the upcoming Brexit. Today, according to in his news journal at 11:30 GMT on 26/11/2019, Tory Boris Johnson is actually ahead by 10% of the British electorate, according to polls by Jeremy Corbyn’s Labor Party – today’s election.

One point, I believe, is that we have forgotten Europeans and the others who have been following Brexit closely for two years: that Brexit will last for years until we can say that’s it!

Let us take a look at the departure of Greenland from the European Economic Community: Greenland is an island of the territory of Denmark, which lasted roughly 2.5 years and came into force on 1 January 1985. Here it was – again roughly – two things: The mineral wealth and the deep sea fishing.

And with the British? The British, with a few exceptions (Schengen, the British pound) are part of the European community. And that for more than 43 years. Although England is also an island, the issues that need to be addressed at Brexit are, after all, more diverse than the negotiations between the EU and Denmark on Greenland’s exit.

So: Brexit will keep us busy for a long time. Are we saying: 20 years?