On Thursday this week is the UK Parliamentary general election. Whatever I do: reading, listening or viewing news, it is clear that there will not be any step back to the idea to a no exit for the United Kingdom soon. In the end I do think a regular Brexit will be okay; and we will have our arms open for our then ex-co-citizens of the EU to enter back!

Why am I so sure about this coming next step for an re-entry of the UK in a couple of years again? And why am I happy that the Britons are leaving now? The answer to the first question is so easy as it Winston Churchill foresaw in several of his speeches (one speech he held for example in Switzerland) in a vision the coming of the European Union. And nothing changed that: That the UK is a part of Europe; and even one of the few countries that still is and will be the driving engine for a New EU.

And the second question? That is when the European Union will have an effective new re-start of its inner values and ideas, which are common politics in: Foreign affairs, inner affairs, an EU minister for defence and the ministry of economics.

This will – like the time for the coming Brexit – take its time. How long this time? This only depends on us; on the other citizens of European Union: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden – and the two remaining driving engines for the EU France and Germany together with the – then their re-entry planning – United Kingdom.