This afternoon, I emailed with one of my friends and sent him the first glance of our new website, which we yesterday put online and started our site with information about administrative services,  Q&A , our services and a new blog.

Without asking when we went online, he emailed back: ‘all bullshit alerts go off!!’. Why that? Because we would have: FIRST gave us shiny titles and – second – then we would brood about what we could do with it.

Congratulations: 0% points for this chit chat emailing!

Thorsten Sprank and I have been working – let’s say both together – for more than twenty years in London. We both do agree that London seems to be the best place to do business in and create contacts all over the world, if you want to. Or, have a right place in Europe where you can settle down.

If we talk about Brexit today, shitty business people you meet in London – yes, there are those guys who do make money just for themselves and leave you alone then, talking about moving your business or a branch to London (or to other business capitals in Europe) or if you have questions about European tax laws or UK tax experts: We are the right guys you want to talk to and who will give you the right answers to your questions. And we – both sides: your company (or your private ideas) and we with our services – will see through that you get what we agreed, does not matter if you just choose to open a company in the United Kingdom, you want to have switched to a different tax advisor or let all tasks run by us for the coming years.

That is not bullshit. This is safe & sound business, our services you choose for.